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Warranty - Jay Goodys



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Purchase WARRANTY:

  • Standard 12 Month Parts Warranty can be purchased for all products offered by “Jay Goodys”  with that will cover replacement of any electrical or mechanical component during the first 12 Month from the date of purchase. If the product cannot be serviced locally, replacement parts will be provided and only $10 shipping charge to any destination within the Continental United States. Eligible products can also be shipped to us for diagnostic and repair. All "Jay Goodys" products are warrantied and serviced directly by "Jay Goodys" and include lifetime product phone support. 
  • Product Warranty does not cover lost accessories and/or parts, physical damage or abuse, water or sand damage of the product. 
  • All SLA type rechargeable batteries come with Limited 90 Days Replacement Warranty. To avoid frequent and unnecessary replacement, all batteries must be used, charged and maintained according to the information listed in product user manual and on product labels. Batteries should not be stored in a discharged condition, even when the product is not in use. Batteries should not be charged for longer than specified in product manual or on product labels. Overcharging batteries destroys them internally and can also create hazardous conditions.
  • To be eligible for warranty service, a valid proof of Warranty purchase is required.
  • All products purchased for commercial use come with limited 30 Days Parts Only Warranty.