About Us

Welcome to Jay Goodys - Home to the best Tricycle, Push-Cars and Ride on Cars for Kids!

There’s nothing more precious in the world than a kid’s smile. And we strive to deliver happiness to every child. Our goal is to help children experience the outdoors, explore and learn about the surroundings. And the best way to help a child acquire overall development is through ride on cars for kids. Our collection of electric powered toy car, tricycle and push cars - designed and developed for children between ages 0 - 6 - help them to enhance their hand-eye coordination, balance, and boost their activity level.

Our range of PREMIUM, LUXURIOUS children's ride on cars, with the best security features for your kids.. All our cars come with a parental remote control system. They are designed with realistic features, like openable doors, trunk, touchscreen entertainment system, LED tail light, dashboard light, buttons for honking, steering wheel, reverse and forward gear, 12V power and more.

We prioritize on the design and ergonomics of each of our ride on car. Whether you choose from our exclusive range of Audi S5 electric ride on cars for toddlers, Mercedes-Benz Sports Car for kids or even Ferrari - BMW - Porsche Style Supercars - your little one will experience the real deal - so much so - making adults go GREEN in envy!

Our cars and tricycles are environment-friendly, integrated with robust rubber tires, cushy leather seats with stroller-design and seatbelt for additional safety. Your kid can enjoy a ride on any type of surface, from pebbled pathways to rocky terrains!