Top 12 Budget-Friendly Holiday Gifts For Kids

Christmas is around the corner and kids’ are working hard not to get on the naughty list :) This is the only time of the year - apart from their birthdays - that children become super anxious. And why? Santa Claus and his gifts. So, what it’s going to be this year? Are you prepared? Or you’re one of the last-minute-Christmas-shopping guys? Whatever be the plan or schedule, our Number One plan for the holidays is getting gifts for friends and family. But it becomes a daunting task to find the perfect Christmas present for a child - giving all the scavenging hunt - going through their wishlist - letters to Santa - and even their mind …. Phew!

Let’s work together on this, shall we? Here’s a list of 12 budget-friendly Holiday Gifts for kids that will make your job an easy-breezy one!

Top 12 Budget-friendly Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids

Favorite Superhero Action Figures / Collectibles / Props

2017 has been a year of awesome superhero or in case of Wonder Woman - super-shero movies. From Batman, Thor, Captain America, the upcoming Justice League to the amazingly-mind-blowingly-super-fantastic Wonder Woman. Find out who is your kid’s favorite superhero and get all sorts of action figures, collectibles, props, gears and more. Here’s an awesome list of kid’s favorite collectables and toys.

Fingerlings Baby Monkeys

This one is super cute. They’re robots in the design of monkeys, built with the technology to blink their eyes, make funny sounds, turn their heads, move their hands and do lots more while being stuck in the finger - hence the name - Fingerlings Baby Monkeys!

Electric Ride On Cars With Parental Remote Control in Mercedes - Porsche - BMW - Ferrari Styles

Electric ride on cars are ideal Holiday gifts for kids. These kid’s motorized cars from Jay Goodys are integrated with high-tech features and advanced child safety and security system. The collection of premium ride on cars for kids is bound to make your li’l one jump in joy, especially because of the touchscreen entertainment system, unique LED lights, brake system, MP3 integrations, the sound making buttons and more. Order kid’s favorite Electric Ride On Cars Now! 

Robo Minions From Despicable Me

I know of a kid who started eating bananas for breakfast only because of the Minions from Despicable Me movie.


The robot is designed to play around the entire house. All you need to do pair it with your smartphone and check how it whizzes everywhere. Super fun, super interactive Christmas Gift item for your child (or even a child that’s within you!) Find the options here.

Game of Pie Face

We strongly suggest you watch this video 👀 If you’re subscribed to HiHo, then you’ve might have seen a video of children playing the Game of Pie. It’s messy, yet fun. In fact, adults can enjoy a game of pie with kids. Go try some, and find out who gets splashed on the face.

Slime Maker

Do you hate anything Slimy, then you will love this toy -

If you’re a 90s kid, you’ll know what I’m talking about - Remember the good ‘ol days of Nickelodeon? That’s where the slime fest started. Create new memories, with old tools with slime makers. You can find them online, like the one here. And play along with your kid.

LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox

We all grew up playing LEGOs and so do our kids. So, why not gift something awesomely unique and cool to them this Holiday Season? Try the LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox. It’s interactive and educational.

The set comes with over 840 pieces that allow children to boost their robot-development expertise! Go to LEGO Shop to order one now! 

Hatchimals Surprise

Hatchimals Surprise buddies continue to reign supreme in the Christmas Gifts for Kids department. This time in 2017, the hatches are in batches of two - Twin the surprise. They’re as cute as your kiddo. Buy them here.

Nintendo Switch

This is on the expensive side, but worth the buy. Nintendo Switch offers some Classic Game Playing action, like, Super Mario. It’s on-the-go gaming system, but you can enjoy while at home too. Enjoy here!

Kinetic Sand


I’ve seen this in YouTube’s ASMR kinetic sand cutting videos. And oh, they look so satisfying. But I’m sure for kids, this will be an exciting option. Unlike the regular sand, the Kinetic version is made with special Polymers. So, don’t worry about vacuuming crisis - because it is not at all messy! Check for details here.

Doggie Doo

This little puppy is designed to poop. It’s also a great toy to help educate your child to take care of his / her pet. Squeeze the leash to make the doggie poop, but definitely with some sound actions! Buy here.

Wet Head Water Roulette Game


Children love water, except ones that they’re supposed to bathe in. Amongst the quirky and unique holiday gift ideas for kids include the Wet Head Challenge Game. You need to fill the head part with water and strap it over your head. Spin the object and see who gets splashed first. Check out more here!


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