Top 10 Must-Have Features To Consider When Buying Electric Ride On Cars For Kids

The Holidays are just around the corner. It’s the shopping frenzy time of the year. It is also the best time to get awesome deals, offers and discounts on your favorite products. And it all starts with Halloween, Black Friday - Cyber Monday (BFCM) and continues till the New Year. But you don’t have to wait for Christmas to get a hand on your - must-in-the-list item - especially if you’re all geared to shop for your kids. 2017 is all about battery powered, electronic toys and gears - for both kids and adults. And ride on cars for kids top the list.

Top 10 Features A Kid’s Ride On Car Must have

 If you plan to buy a toy car that your kid can drive, then you will find numerous options available online. There are electric ride on cars built with realistic designs with the likes of an adult car. Some come with advanced features, high-security specifications, and a few with top-of-the-class style streaks. Even the price range varies based on the features.

Children’s Battery Powered Car: Quick Feature Guide

 Before you jump the gun and make a quick purchase, here is a list of top features that a premium ride on car for kids must contain.



12V Battery Power

Entertainment System

Safety Features:

Comfort Level:

Parental Guidance :

Transition :

Wheel Tire Quality :

Steering Wheels :

Reliable Brake System :

Speed Control :


10 Must-have Attributes of a Children’s Ride On Car

12 V Battery Power

Kid’s toys have to be as agile as the tiny tots. Having said that a battery quality is a must-have feature in any electric, battery powered toy. When it comes to a ride on car, the battery is its key to performance. 12V (volt) battery powered car for children will deliver at least 2 hours thorough functioning capacity. It gets better, if the battery is rechargeable. It takes a few minutes to transform a grump or sad kid into a happy, and excited one. And a 12V battery will ensure at least 2 hours straight riding time. That’s more than enough to keep a child engaged.

Entertainment System

The next must-have or top-priority feature that you must look for when buying a ride on car for your kid is the integrated entertainment system. The top of the line toy cars come with built-in MP3, MP4 system, which can play music via USB flash drive, micro SD and even your mobile devices, like, an iPhone, iPad, iPod. Here are a few cars that offers the best entertainment system. Having a music player or a music output device integrated in any kid’s toy is necessary because that’s one of the ways to entertain, manage, control and engross an otherwise - grouchy child. Play his / her favorite song or rhyme, while s/he drives along in sheer happiness!

Safety Highlights

The third crucial feature that a ride along toy car should have is a security system. Most of the ride on cars for kids are designed and built for toddlers or basically children between ages 0 - 6 years. Though these toy cars are not made to speed through roads but as an adult you need to ensure his / her safety. So, it is important to look into the safety features in a car for kids. Check for seat belts and a solid handle bar, along with lockable doors. Our ride on cars come with stroller like harness that keeps a child safe from bumps and falls.


Next up is comfort level. A-Grade children’s ride on vehicles offer smooth transition, complete with high-quality wheels, and shock absorbers. However, a seat with proper cushioning will add to the comfort level of a toddler sitting in a movable object all alone. A leather cushioned seat will provide an ease to a child’s posterior, without causing any kind of physical harm.

Parental Guidance

Since most of the ride on cars are designed with fully functional realistic wheels, one does not have to worry about maneuvering or moving the vehicle. However, a point to be noted: these cars are for toddlers. Though the wheels and the process of using it helps in developing a child’s hand-eye coordination and overall cognitive health, s/he will take time to completely drive it unattended. Thus, a parental guidance is required for operating such vehicles. So, look for ride on cars with parental remote control. This way, you can keep a hawk-eyes control over the car, without worry of your child driving off to barred places.

Wheel Transition

Wheels are the most significant part of a car - be it an adult car or a children’s toy car. And to ensure a proper transitioning of the wheels, along with maneuvering of the entire vehicle, it is vital for a product to consist of energy consuming wheels. It not only allows for a smooth functioning of the car but also offers a comfortable ride to the kid. The wheel must not be rigid. The shock absorbers will prevent skidding and hiccups.

Wheel Tires

Look for tires - when buying an electric or battery powered cars for kids - that are made of EVA foam and not air tires. EVA foam tires requires no maintenance, they have a longer durability and offer smooth ride on any type of surface.

Steering Wheel

The steering wheel of a children’s car should be adjustable and telescopic. A telescopic steering wheel ensures a proper position for a kid and safety at the same time. The telescopic steering wheel allows easy adjustment as per the user requirement.

Reliable Brake System

A secured and safe car is one that comes with a reliable brake system. Choose a ride on car that is designed and built with an EBS braking system or Electronic Braking System. It helps in effective acceleration and responsive braking, along with steerability and stability to the driver.

Speed Control

When you choose a battery powered or electric toy for a toddler, you give priority to safety and control. In case of a toy car that is designed to be driven by a child, speed control tops the list of consideration amongst parents and guardians. Ride on cars for toddlers are not meant to whiz past around town - it’s dangerous and prone to causing accidents. Thus, it is important to choose a car for your toddler that comes with a controlled speed level - maximum 2 speeds - and a parental remote control. Parents can control the vehicle with the remote and ensure the wellbeing of their children, without causing a funk in their happiness.


Kid’s Amusement, Parent’s Concerns - Are Our Top Priority

 Our collection of battery powered, electric ride on cars are designed and built keeping a toddler’s need, and a parent’s concerns in mind. You will find each of these features integrated in our cars. We at Jay Goodys are all for a child’s enjoyment, amusement and his / her safety!

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