Ride On Cars For Kids: A Complete Guide According To Age Group

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A child’s psychological growth is as important as his / her physical development. And physical activities help leveraging both the processes. In fact, numerous activities allow kids to interact and engage with their environment, family and peers, thereby helping in the effective cognitive evolution . Modified ride on cars or toy cars - according to researchers - enable children - especially toddlers - to build on their mobility strength, motor skills and mental prowess. Toy vehicles - be it electric cars for kids, push-cars or battery operated cars - encourage kids to move around either on their own or under adult supervision. All-in-all, their motor skills get enhanced and they get a good source of physical strength.


Kid’s ride on cars are favorite amongst the little ones. Even parents love to watch their children drive in cars that look like the real ones. These four-wheeled toys offer numerous benefits towards a kid’s overall development. They ensure physical fitness, balance, coordination and leveraging cognitive growth. The drivable and rideable toys fall under many categories - from electric cars for kids, push cars, tricycles, scooters to rocker toys.


However, all are not suitable for children. You cannot leave a 10-month old in a motorized car, like the Mercedes Benz kid car and expect him / her to drive it. Even if you use a remote control, it is not safe to leave a child in a heavy-set vehicle. S/he will not have enough strength to hold up his / her head straight. The pressure will be on the neck and ultimately travel through the spine.

Factors that determine which ride on car or toy is best for a kid:

 There are many points of concerns to consider when choosing a ride on toy for your child. And most of them are on the basis of the age group and physical dexterity.

  • Wheels’ rotational speed. Wheels will move super fast if they are easy to turn around. With increased speed, the movement also becomes a constraint.
  • The second factor is - balance. It is necessary for every type of ride on car / toy for kids.
  • Propulsion is the third point of consideration. If a kid’s car requires the occupant (child) to use gears or pedal to propel will help in increasing the speed. It is not same for toys that require kids to push the vehicle with his / her feet.

Toy Cars For Kids For Each Age Group

Push-Cars For Kids

 Children between ages 4 months -  2 years - or as you can literally call them - babies - have a developing brain. They start to understand simple to complex elements defining their surroundings. The best kids cars for such an age group would be ones that are integrated with interactive features. For example, music buttons, phonetic sounds, touchscreen entertainment etc. These specifications will allow the child to play with their curiosity and explore fun stuff. 

Boost Cognitive Prowess

 Another point of consideration is that children in this particular age group are on the verge of learning to walk and seek help from adults. Their cognitive field is inclusive of a lot of anticipation. Thus, push cars for kids will be an ideal choice for them. They are designed with realistic steering wheels and an effective support system. Choose a push car that comes with music, sound buttons, and integration of MP3 player with MP3 audio input.

Enhance Hand-Eye Coordination, Balance & Stability

 Push cars are apt for kids between the ages 4 months -  2 years because they function just like a stroller. As a parent, you can push such a car from behind, which your baby seated within. They are designed with foot pedals, wheels, and a handlebar with a solid grip. These components offer stability and security to babies. The push cars, with pedals, are appropriate for younger children because of their stability and low center of gravity. This further assists a kid to improve his / her hand-eye coordination, balance and stability.