2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Battery Powered Toys Edition

It’s almost time to bid 2017 a BIG GOODBYE. Oh, what a year it was! The 2017 farewell is going to start with lots of celebration and happiness because it’s the commencement of the Holidays. It is also the Gifting time of the year - when we go crazy rummaging and jumping from one store to another to get the perfect Holiday Gift (some listed ones) for our loved ones.

The most difficult part of holiday shopping is buying gifts for our kids, especially toddlers. What’ll make them happy? What’ll not annoy them? How to avoid kids from throwing tantrums at the sight of a wrong gift? Phew! Need ideas? Here’s a 2017 Holiday Gift Guide to get you sorted. And we’re starting with the battery powered toys for toddlers EDITION. Stick around!

WowWee CHiP Robot Toy Dog

Dogs and toddlers make the best of friends. And if you’re not ready for the real one, how about a robot dog? The WowWee CHiP robodog will make a perfect Christmas gift for your kid. It is not only an affectionate dog but is also designed and built with high-tech sensors, advanced features and more. It is always aware of its surrounding and is super responsive. Your kid will love it for sure! You can buy from Amazon or from the store itself. Price ranges $39.99 - $99.99.

Seedling Parker - Augmented Reality Bear for Toddlers

It’s 2017 - the year AI (artificial intelligence) and AR (augmented reality). Adults love the technological phenomenon. And the Seedling Parker Augmented Reality Bear is designed specifically for toddlers. It is a classic teddy bear that functions with the iPad or iPhone app. You don’t need any Wi-Fi or battery to operate it. It works with the app. It is perfect for a kid. Children can use it to take care of Parker, especially when he is sick. You can check his temperature with a unique thermometer, and more. Get it for $59.95.

Ride on Cars for Toddlers

This one is an absolute winner. What’s awesome about battery powered riding toys is that you can control it. Also, many ride on cars, come with dynamic designs, advanced safety features, entertainment systems, like horn and music buttons. These elements help in developing a child’s cognitive behavior and hand-eye coordination level. You can check out some of our collection of ride on cars for toddlers and choose from premium designs, like, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, BMW, and Ferrari. The prices start from $99 only!

VTech Kidizoom Action Cam 180

A holiday gift guide for kids is incomplete without a list of educational and smart toys. One such battery powered toy is the VTech Kidizoom Action Cam 180. It is especially cool for little ones who have a knack for videography and photography. The device comes with a 180° rotatable camera, accessories that you can use to mount it and take amazing videos and visuals, anytime and anywhere. You can buy it from Amazon for $36.97 or here.

Think & Learn Seek & Spell Penguin from Fisher-Price

Another amazing educational tech toy for toddlers is the Think & Learn Seek & Spell Penguin from Fisher-Price. It is the best deal for preschoolers because the toy helps kids to learn phonics, spellings, and alphabets in a fun and interactive manner. The ‘Spellybutton’ on the Penguin when pressed, makes cute phrases and songs. Kids love it. And you can gift one to yours for $16.89 via Amazon or $26 from Fisher-Price.

I hope the 2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Tech Toys for Toddler Edition, will help you with your Holiday gift shopping. Get ready to stock-up the stockings and make your kid super happy!